Signature Massages


Unwind with this variant of the traditional Swedish massage using flowing and soothing pressure to melt away tension.

Muscle Recovery

A deep tissue massage designed to alleviate muscular stress. Deep movements and stretching techniques focus on specific areas of concern and ease common discomforts. 

Sports Massage

Designed with athletes in mind, this massage promotes flexibility, helps with injury prevention, and prepares you for optimal performance. 

Target Massage

Treat a particular muscle group or concern with this focused therapy.

Specialty Massages

Stress Relief Massage

Refresh your mind and indulge your senses with this specialized spa treatment using heated stones, aromatherapy, and a hydrating scalp massage.


Customize your experience with any of these add-ons:

Aromatherapy • Hot Stones • Skin Brushing • Hot Oil Scalp Massage • Toasty Toes 

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