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Customer Appreciation at Corkscrew Shores

Love was in the air for multiple reasons as we approached Valentine's Day last month. Our customer appreciation night gave our Corkscrew Shores team a great opportunity to step out of the dark and into the light to show their smiling faces and appreciation for your patronage. There was music in the air, the wine flowed freely, and the snacks were delicious (I may have eaten too much) as clients transformed into friends.

The event coincidentally fell on the first anniversary of Comfort and Health joining Corkscrew Shores. What a great year it has been and we sometimes forget how privileged we are to share in such a beautiful location. However, the true privilege is to work with a group of clients who are kind, loyal, and just plain good people.

To those that couldn't make it: fret not, there will be more. Whether you popped in for a few minutes of sweet sweet company or stayed the whole time, we appreciate you coming and showing love. Remember the guest list we had you sign into? Well, to all of you who showed up: we have a treat for you. It's a surprise. When you come in to your next appointment, ask your therapist what it is.

Also, congratulations to Katrina Ramsey for winning the $50 gift card!

A huge thanks to Kim Young for helping put it all together. Everyone notices your hard work!

Stay tuned for more from Comfort and Health!

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