Signature Facials

Sensitive Skin 

This facial is designed to hydrate and soothe incorporating cucumber, arnica, and other botanicals to calm and improve the skin's appearance .

Men's Facial

Deeply cleanse, hydrate, and smooth your skin paying special attention to the effects of shaving on the face. 

Specialty Facials

Vitamin C

Vitamin C brightens the skin while stimulating collagen production. It strengthens elasticity and reduces fine lines, discoloration, and age spots. 

Oxygen Detox

Using a three step oxygenating process to purify, this antioxidant therapy is perfect for acne and redness. It will leave our skin glowing and radiant - a great treatment option for prior to an event or party.

Clinical Skin Treatments

Our medical strength treatments include a consultation from which your skincare specialist will derive a plan best suited to your skin type. Improve discolorations and softens surface lines around the eyes, nose, and lips. 

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